No one hands you a guide book when your child is diagnosed with a condition. This website is an effort to provide, in one place, the resources and information that British Columbian parents want and need to achieve the most for our extraordinary kids.

This page is in soft launch, meaning we have just started and have just a fraction of the information we hope to gather. We encourage you to join our Facebook group, to meet other parents, ask questions, and and tell us what kind of information you would have liked someone to tell you. We are just getting started!

This website is your space. If you’re a parent or caregiver to a child with special needs who lives, or is being treated in British Columbia, we invite your comments, feedback and request. The site is entirely run by parents, and has no other affiliations.


4 thoughts on “Home”

  1. How awesome! I’ve been searching for parents of other children who suffered a brain bleed at birth, and/or shunts, and/or gtubes! My one son has dealt with all tree of those and more ! I really want to connect with other parents who have had to deal with that sort of stuff. I would love to share Cole and Jaces story! Thanks in advance for this wonderful opportunity to better not only our lives but others as well!

    1. Hi Amy, my little guy has shunts as well (result of a 2/4 IVH) and we are looking for families with similar situations. My son is 2.5 years and we are located in Vancouver. Would love a park date or coffee meetup? Maybe others would join too 😉

  2. my son is now 8 and when he was born at full term with a grade 4 ivh and several smaller ones it was awful if you have questions would be happy to help

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